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Michigan's Indoor Water Park Hotels
By Ross P. Anderson

Indoor water park hotels in Michigan are basically amusement parks that have, as the name suggests, indoor water areas for playing and having some amazing times. These types of hotels are becoming increasingly popular since so much of what families look for in a vacation spot is under one roof.

Parents generally feel safer knowing where their children are and can find them easily without having to leave the hotel. Most of the indoor water play area hotels in Michigan are open all year round, making it perfect for families and people without children who want to go somewhere fun with water, even during the winter months. Some existing hotels have actually either demolished part of their hotel or built a new section especially for the water area.

Why Indoor Water Park Hotels in Michigan?

Some such hotels in Michigan have fantastic features for the family - activities and attractions such as arcades, restaurants, gift shops, boutiques, and plenty more! In Michigan, some of the indoor water facilities are over 30,000 square feet large! There is, as you might imagine, plenty of room for loads of families to enjoy their vacation in style.

In this north central part of the US, an indoor water play area provides a special attraction for those native to the Michigan area, especially during the winter months because the weather is so cold. The thought of being able to jump into relatively warm water without shivering has great appeal for families anxious for Spring weather.

What Water Parks Have to Offer

Some of the fun activities actually inside these parks include tube slides, splash landings from the tube slides, rivers and streams that flow throughout the facility, hot tubs, whirl pools, pools for the younger vacationers, water play areas and water sprays that the children can enjoy for endless hours of fun - and so can you!

Water Parks are for Everyone

You do not need to go anywhere else when you vacation in one of Michigan's indoor water play land hotels. Take your family, a friend, or even go by yourself. You can enjoy the park and shops at your own pace and leisure, go a little wild in the water play areas, or maybe just enjoy a relaxing swim.

And believe it or not, hotel water parks actually have regular swimming pools for you to enjoy as well!

So if you are not intimidated by water parks in general with all the splashing and screaming children, consider a vacation to this great part of the US and jump in!

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