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Michigan Salmon Fishing - Tips For the Great Lake   by Eliseo Lao

A discussion on Michigan salmon fishing wouldn't be complete without talking about specific tips for fishing on the Michigan side of the Great Lakes. These amazingly huge bodies of water can be treacherous to fish but are also some of the best places to find trophy sized fish or just a great place to spend a day doing something that you love. Lake Michigan salmon fishing opportunities abound in the waters of the sixth largest lake in the world, with Chinook and Coho being the salmon varieties in the lake, but Steelhead, Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Lake trout also being present.

Since the fishing regulations vary on the number of fish and salmon that can be caught, it is important to know which state's waterway you are fishing in. For Michigan the limits for Lake Michigan salmon fishing are found on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website, as with the states of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, which also border on the Great Lake.

Tips for Fishing Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan salmon fishing is unique from many other lakes, so following a few tips and techniques recommended by professional anglers and guides can really enhance your fishing experience.

* Always use the sharpest possible hook - while this may seem obvious, many fishermen don't pay attention to the condition of the hook, and with the larger Michigan salmon fishing varieties the difference between a sharp and dull hook is often the number of fish in the boat at the end of the day. To sharpen a hook use either a small , under 4 inch for size 4 and under hooks or a large, 5 inch for number 5 and up hooks hook file. Simple use the abrasive surface of the file to sharpen the hook barbs and points. Always move the file from the thickest station of the point or barb towards the thinnest in a even motion. Sharpening hooks before and after each use will keep your tackle box in excellent condition.

* Use colorful lures - fish that feed in the daytime, such as the salmon varieties, are more sensitive to the various colors in the water and are more likely to bite on lures or bait that is colorful and eye-catching to the salmon. Lake Michigan salmon fishing lure colors include blues, greens, oranges, yellows and reds for dawn and daylight fishing and then darker, more contrasting colors such as silvers, browns, natural bait colors as the sunlight decreases and the water becomes darker. Baits and scents will attract salmon to the area of the lure, but it is largely the color of the lure that will cause the salmon to actually bite at the lure.

* During the spawn, use salmon or trout loose eggs or skein - skein are natural pouches or sections of eggs that are ideal for attracting salmon in the spawning season. Many of the Michigan salmon fishing varieties will simple ignore all other lures and bait during the spawn, but will very actively bite and hit on naturally occurring bait such as eggs.

Online maps, fishing books and guides are great resources for providing practical and simple Michigan salmon fishing tips and strategies.

About the Author

Eliseo is an avid fishing guy. For more fishing info visit http://www.charasfishinginfo.com