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Angling for Walleye at Lake Huron
by Rick Chapo

Lake Huron is a popular rod and reel spot. The Walleye is a popular game fish. Combine them both, and you have paradise for an angler.

Angling for Walleye at Lake Huron

Trips in the great outdoors are a perfect way to rest and relax. Many areas of the United States offer perfect places for that camping, hunting or angling trip; with climates and scenery that's sure to please any outdoors person. Lake Huron, located in the Midwest portion of the US, offers many different kinds of activities for people who enjoy the water, and angling is definitely one of those activities. Lake Huron walleye angling is one of the most popular in the area.

The walleye is a species of fish (scientific name Sander vitreus vitreus) that is native to Canada and the northern United States. The name "walleye" comes from the fact that the eyes of this fish reflect light, the way the eyes of a cat do. It is olive or gold in color, with the maximum size ever recorded of a walleye being 42 inches long and 25 pounds in weight. Walleye is considered by many people to be the best tasting freshwater fish, and sport fishermen seek it out as well as commercial angling companies.

Lake Huron walleye angling is some of the best available in the US, maybe even the world. Saginaw Bay, a bay located in Michigan, is the best location on Lake Huron to find walleye, and July and August are considered the best months of the year to find the fish. According to some of the most experienced walleye fishermen, there are several specific areas to check out if you really want to find some great fish: the first of these is the islands and inlets in Lake Huron, and reefs surrounded by deep water. Other places where the walleye collect are Tawas Bay (in the north) and the Kern-Wedock Hot Ponds (this area is a good place to find walleye year round).

Saginaw Bay has its own club devoted to this fish, the Saginaw Bay Walleye Club. Lake Huron walleye angling is so popular in this area that there is even a Michigan Walleye Tour led by this club. These angling tours can be a great way to get acclimated to angling in a particular area or for a certain fish, so it's definitely worth looking into. Additionally, there are even private guides who can help you plan your trip. Lake Huron walleye angling can be a rewarding and delicious hobby, and worth the trip to this area to find a good angling experience.

About the Author
Rick Chapo is with Nomad Journals - makers of fly fishing journals and fishing log books that make great gifts for dad.