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Michigan Bass Fishing: The Adventure of a Lifetime   by Wade Robins

Michigan bass fishing is among the best to be found anwhere in the world. Whether you like to fish for smallmouth or largemouth bass, you will love bass fishing Michigan. You should probably plan on spending several days in Michigan because there are so many incredible fishing opportunities.

The most difficult part of planning your bass fishing trip to Michigan is likely to be deciding where to go. There are literally thousands of incredible fishing locations throughout Michigan. The state is just full of lakes, ponds and streams to select from. While facing so many choices can be overwhelming, this is a great problem to have for an avid angler. It's awesome to have such an amazing variety to choose from, and most of these offer truly great fishing experiences. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

No mater where you choose to fish in Michigan, you will have an incredible fishing experience. Michigan is an angeler's paradise.

For example, the 10,000 acre Black Lake is a favorite fishing spot in Michigan. Black Lake is located at the northern tip of the state, near the city of Waverly.

Of course, what is the point of taking a bass fishing trip to Michigan without fishing on at least one of the Great Lakes? One Great Lake option is Lake Superior, which is along the Upper Peninsula and stretches across the northern border of Michigan. If you have time, why not fish on all of the great lakes while you are in Michigan. Wouldn't that be something to brag about to your fishing buddies back home?

For those who would rather enjoy catching big fish in a small pond, then Fletcher Pond is an excellent choice. Not so large or well known as the Great Lakes, Fletcher Pond is excellent fishing spot. Nestled in northeast area of the state, near a charming small town called Hillman, you'll really enjoy fishing here.

Don't Get Caught Without a Guide For the absolute best Michigan bass fishing adventure, you should really enlist a professional guide to assist you with your fishing endeavors. Since you are not familiar with the area, a guide can make the difference between an amazing fishing adventure and a standard weekend out of town.

Choosing the Right Guide Each Michigan bass fishing guide will have his or her own specialties, skills, and techniques. When selecting a guide, ask the right questions so you will know you are getting a guide that can help with your primary concerns. Whether you seek to learn how to perfect a specific casting technique, or you want insight on how to go after a certain type of fish, you will be able to locate the best guide to help you achieve your goals if you ask the right questions. Why A Guide is So Important

With the help of an experienced guide, you will benefit from a local expert's insight on the best fishing areas. You and you will also be able to pick up great tips and pointers for Michigan bass fishing. Since you aren't familiar with the weather in Michigan, your guide can help you prepare for fishing in the region's varied weather conditions. These things do more than just make that one's fishing trip successful; the knowledge will serve you well on all of your future fishing adventures as well. Just think how much better you will be when you go home armed with the wisdom of an expert Michigan guide. Planning Your Adventure

To have the best possible time on your excursion to Michigan, be sure to take some time to figure out your specific goals and plan your trip in advance. By thinking ahead of time about what you hope to accomplish, you can better align your goals to the strengths of the available fishing professionals to ultimately enjoy a much more successful venture.

With such a huge variety of fishing waters in Michigan, there are multitudes of great fishing services out there who specialize in working with tourist anglers. One great service for those interested in smallmouth bass fishing is the River Rat Dog Guide Service for the west Michigan waters. A great resource for learning fly-fishing is Betts Fly Fishing Outfitters. This organization offers instruction on fly-fishing technique on many of Michigan's rivers and other bodies of water. Finally, the River's Bend Guide Services that has specialized tours based on the skill level of the bass fishers in question. Just do your research among the many different choices to find the best guide for you.

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